The Discover, Engage, Inspire (DEI) Program is a pilot program that aims to involve a diverse cohort of undergraduates in scholarly research activities at the University of Iowa. This program is jointly funded and supported by ICRU, the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, and the DeLTA Center.

Program. DEI students will be matched with a faculty research mentor according to interest. (Those who already work with a faculty research mentor will be able to continue working with that mentor.) The faculty mentor will bring the student into their research setting as an Undergraduate Research Assistant, where the student will learn the skills used in that discipline and in general research. All participating students will be paid a stipend of $15 per hour for their research time.

Application. Students will be selected through a competitive application process. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis during the Fall 2021 semester until all spots are filled.

Research Areas Involved.
Child Development
Clinical Psychology or Developmental Disorders
Human-Computer Interaction
Language or Hearing Disorders

Eligibility. To be eligible, students must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Underrepresented minority;
  2. LGBTQ+;
  3. Disabled;
  4. From a disadvantaged background, meeting two or more of the following qualifications:

2022 Program Flyer