ICRU's First Ever E-SURF!

April 20-24, 2020

Because we love the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival and do not want anyone to miss out, ICRU is launching a virus-proof event to show off all of the research and creative inquiry that UI undgergraduates are involved with.  Present your work or watch UI undergraduates present projects in a "social distance" approved environment.  Bonus - far away friends and family can see what UI undergraduates work so hard to accomplish!

Program  |  PDF

The Short Version:

Presenters: Register to present your work over Zoom.  Get your time confirmed by ICRU.  Invite your friends, family, colleagues to watch you.  Create an amazing presentation.  Present for up to 3 minutes.  Answer questions for up to 5 minutes.  Feel great about yourself.  Get feedback, if you want it.  (Maybe let ICRU post a video of your presentation online?)

Audience Members: Check the schedule.  Watch the presentations that you want to watch.  Ask questions, if you want.  Congratulate presenters on a job well done!

The Long Version 

 PDF  |  Word Document

What is this?

National Undergraduate Research Week takes place April 20-24. That week is the perfect time to celebrate the research and creative inquiry done by University of Iowa Undergraduates. In honor of all the impressive work that UI undergraduates accomplish, ICRU is hosting a live virtual presentation event during the week. Presentations will be done via Zoom, meaning friends, family, colleagues, and others can join the celebration.  Read below to learn more about the design and rules of this event.


  1. REGISTER.  You will be asked to provide a presentation title and abstract as well as your schedule availability for each day of the week (if you did not submit one for SURF).
  2. ICRU will contact you to let you know your exact presentation time.
  3. Invite anyone who wants to see you present!  The link to the Zoom Room will be emailed to you can be found online at uiowa.edu/icru.  
  4. Prepare your presentation as usual: ask your mentor what information can or cannot be included in your “poster” and presentation. This step is important: some information may be sensitive!
  5. “Arrive for your presentation at least 2 minutes early. Each presenter will have a maximum of 3 minutes to share their work with the Zoom audience.
  6. Presenters will have the next 5 minutes for a question and answer session with the audience.  
  7. The remaining two minutes will be used to change between presentations.  

Complete Rules 

Registration. Registration must submitted by 8:00 am on the due date. Registrants may change their presentation time preferences any time before that date by emailing icru@uiowa.edu.  Potential presenters who miss the registration deadline must email icru@uiowa.eduto request an open spot.

Moderation of Time. ICRU will allow presenters to use their time as they wish and will only cut each presenter off at 8 minutes.  The schedule of each presentation will run as follows: 

  • 0:00 (minutes:seconds): Moderator tells the presenter to “Begin”.  
  • 2:30: Moderator lifts “30 second” sign.
  • 3:00: Moderator lifts “STOP” sign but does not cut presenter off.
  • 3:00 or when presentation ends: Moderator asks for questions.
  • 7:00: Moderator calls for last question.
  • 8:00: Moderator ends Q&A.  Presenter may give email address for continued discussion. Next presenter may begin to prepare.

Posters.  Posters or visual aid slides are welcome but not required. The presenter may use the Zoom feature “Screen Share” to allow others to see their poster or visual aid.

Audience Questions. Audience members will be muted throughout the speaker’s presentation. To ask a question, they will use the “Raise Hand” function. When an audience member is called on, they will be unmuted until their question has been answered and all back-and-forth has ceased.

Audience Presence. The presentation program will be posted to ICRU’s website and available to the public.  All presentations are open to the public.  Audience members may enter or leave the Presentation Room at any time.  Audience members will be muted unless they are actively in a Q & A discussion with the presenter, though they may choose whether or not to use video.

Feedback.  ICRU will do its best to recruit graduate, post-doctoral, and faculty judges to provide presentation feedback for this event, but cannot guarantee evaluator participation.  Feedback will only be given if it has been requested by the presenter on their registration form.  Feedback will be submitted to ICRU online, and ICRU will redistribute feedback to presenters.

Recording and Posting. All presentations will be recorded with permission from the presenter.  Recordings are made with the intent to: return to the presenter for self-review purposes or post on ICRU’s website/social media ccounts to educate general public, university community, and potential UI students interested in research.  Presentations will not be posted on any website or social media without a review and express permission by both the presenter and the presenter’s mentor.  Audience members, including the Q & A session, will not be posted.


  • Consider including the following pieces of information in your presentation:
    • A plain-language (jargon-limited) walkthrough of your poster and project;
    • Your conclusions and future directions
    • Your direct contributions to the project;
    • The real-world impact of your work;
    • Benefits to your academics, goals, or future plans from your engagement with this project.
  • Your Zoom time is yours, and ICRU will only cut you off after your 8 minutes have elapsed. If you choose to go over your 3 minutes to shorten Q&A, or if you choose to use less time for your presentation and more for Q&A, plan accordingly.
  • Contact the Speaking Center for help with your spoken presentation.  
  • Contact the Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio for help with your poster.
  • ICRU is always happy to help you prepare either your pitch or your poster!