Project Details
Our lab is focused on the neural circuit mechanims that drive compulsive alchohol drinking and aversive behaviors during withdrawal. The dorsal raphe nucleus is a serotonergic nucleus in the midbrain and pons that is exquisitely sensitive to alcohol and has a diverse molecular composition that orchestrates a wide range of behaviors, including reward, anxiety, pain and sleep. We are trying to understand how alcohol changes the molecular and signaling properties of the DRN to impact these behaviors in alcohol dependence and other diseases including Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia.

Position Details
We are seeking a highly motivated individual who is interested in becoming involved in ongoing research projects. Responsibilities will vary by project but may include brain sectioning, histology, Western blots, DNA/RNA extraction, qPCR, perfusions/brain extractions, confocal and light sheet imaging, stereotaxic surgeries, behavioral assays, and calcium imaging experiments. Opportunites to perform fiber photometry, optogenetics and electrophysiology are available depending on skill level. This position will be particularly beneficial to students who are planning to enter graduate programs in neuroscience or related fields.

Highly motivated with a strong interest in pursuing neuroscience research.
Basic lab techniques including pipetting and making solutions
Good attention to detail
Basic data entry and computation skills
Experience with Matlab and Python is a plus but not required

Time Commitment
10-15 hours per week

Start Date
Near future

Project Duration 
Ongoing or potential to be a continuous position

Volunteer (Optional 0-credit hour course for transcript recognition)
Academic Credit (1-4 semester hours)

To be determined

How to Apply
To apply, please send your CV/resume, course schedule, and a brief statement that includes your background, what interests you about this posiition and the time commitment you can make to research to