Friday, March 12, 2021

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This year, SURF is going to run a little bit differently than it has ever before. ICRU hopes to provide a valuable presentation experience for all of its undergraduates. We have designed this event with the following thoughts:

  • Presenting is an incredibly valuable experience for developing researchers;
  • Zoom fatigue is real and present;
  • Schedules for presenters and audience members are hectic;
  • Virtual presentations are now a common place part of life.
  • Undergraduate Research Week is April 19-23, 2021.

Give these few thoughts, ESURF will occur during Undergraduate Research Week and will consist only of 3-5 minute, pre-recorded presentations. No live events will occur. (Students who wish to present live should consider the ICRU Lecture Series.) Videos will be released throughout the week on ICRU's website and social media channels. Feedback from commentators (at the undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, and faculty level) will be provided if students wish to receive feedback. 

We want you to participate! Here is how:

1. Register

Presenters: Register (CLICK HERE) by 5:00pm Monday, April 12, 2021
Commentators: Register (CLICK HERE) by 8:00am Monday, April 19, 2021
**Commentators will receive an email with assigned videos by 5:00pm on Monday, April 19.

2. Record your video (Presenters only). Make a recording of your 3-5 minute presentation. All formats acceptable - poster presentation, power point, lecture, etc. You choose what works best for you.

3. Submit your video (Presenters only). Send your video to by April 19th. (MP4 or .mov files recommended. Email ICRU to ask about other formats.)

4. Watch. ICRU will announce and release videos on our website and social media channels.  

5. Provide feedback. Commentators (and audience members!) have until 5:00pm on Monday, April 26, 2021 to turn in feedback.

6. Receive feedback. Presenters' feedback will be sent by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, April 27.

7. Update your CV. Add your participation to your CV!