Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Project details
About the Lab and Current Project:
We invite you to apply to join the Attachment and Neurodevelopment Lab (ANL), affiliated with the newly funded Hawk-Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center, under the lead of Dr. Lane Strathearn. The lab is launching an exciting interdisciplinary study that will recruit hundreds of participants (mother-child dyads) to investigate the roles of social experience and epigenetic changes in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Social experience will be measured using a phone app designed specifically for the study. Candidates should be able to connect how this research experience may inform or connect with their professional goals, and students interested in pursuing a PhD (clinical- or research-oriented), MD, or is interested in connecting research with public health/policy may see particular benefit.

Undergraduate Research Assistantship to the Polygenic Risk Study:
Undergraduate research assistant (RA) positions are available for credit, volunteering, or possibly internship (summers). Undergraduate RAs may assist with participant recruitment, participant retention efforts, data collection/study visits (e.g., genetic samples, video of parent-child interactions), and data auditing. Undergraduate RAs who work in the lab for at least a year and interested may be able to conduct an individual research project, such as an honors thesis or presentation at an undergraduate research conference. We understand that there are barriers to undergraduate research participation; we encourage applicants eligible for funding through IBA or ICRU to apply and reach out with any questions if you would like to join our lab as a student researcher.


Undergraduates of any major and level of experience are welcome to apply. Good academic standing and two-semester commitment preferred. Candidate should have an interest or enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research on epigenetics or child development.

Time Commitment
6-9 hours per week

Academic Credit

Start Date
Near future
Fall semester
Spring semester
Summer semester

Ongoing, potential to be a continuous position

How to apply
To apply, submit an application HERE.