Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Project details
Focus in my research program is to understand the role of fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs) in regulating immune cell metabolism in chronic inflammation, obesity and cancer development. FABPs constitute a family of small, highly homologous intracellular lipid chaperones that have been recognized as central regulators of both metabolic and inflammatory pathways. We have shown that adipose FABP (A-FABP) and epidermal FABP (E-FABP) play important roles in multiple inflammatory disease and tumor models. However, the exact mechanisms underlying FABP-mediated lipid metabolism in immune cells remain to be determined. Currently, research in my laboratory strives to understand how FABPs, including A-FABP and E-FABP, regulate lipid metabolism and intracellular signal transduction pathways in different immune cells, to determine the mechanisms by which FABPs link lipid metabolism and complex diseases (obesity, chronic inflammation and breast cancer prevention/development), and to screen specific small molecular regulators and neutralizing antibodies in modification of FABP activities for potential clinical applications.

Your training/learning experience in Bing Li lab will include(but not limited to) fundamental cellular and molecular technology in Immunology; Animal model-based in vivo research in chronic inflammation and cancer immunology; Scientific thinking and lab management skills/teamwork. The experience in my lab will prepare you to be an independent/competitive scientist or for higher level of education such as Master or PhD programs.


A strong interest in immunology is required. Applicants should be independent and scrupulous, with strong organizational skills and good habit to write record. Preference will be given to applicants who are motivated to pursue a career in health science.

Time Commitment
Students must be available for 10 plus hours per week in blocks of time that 4 hours or greater two days a week.

Academic Credit

Start Date
Near future
Fall semester
Spring semester
Summer semester

Ongoing, potential to be a continuous position

How to Apply
Email bing-li@uiowa.edu