Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Project Details
Interested in natural disasters, environmental migration, and conflict? The Disasters, Migration, and Violence (DMV) Lab seeks students interested in learning more about the research process in a hands-on, collaborative social science research group experience.

The DMV Lab is a collaborative research group led by Professors Sara Mitchell and Elise Pizzi in Political Science. Members of DMV Lab collaborate to study when and why natural disasters lead to environmental migration and conflict around the world. Our research seeks to understand how government policy responses condition the relationship between disasters, environmental migration, and violence.

Students will assist with data collection of news stories and policy reports. Students will help to develop case studies of disaster-prone countries. We seek involvement from students with a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. No prior research experience is necessary, just an interest in learning more about the research process and a willingness to participate in and contribute to the group’s progress.

We are recruiting students for an ongoing lab and plan to hire students during the semester and summers for the next three years. We will hire the first group of students for spring 2023.

Time Commitment

Start Date
Spring semester, Summer semester, To be determined

Project Duration 
Ongoing or potential to be a continuous position

Academic Credit (1-4 Semester Hours), Pay, To be determined

How to Apply
Email: If you are interested in joining us, please send an email with the following: (1) CV (2) A short paragraph explaining your interest in our research. Include information about your research skills and experience (e.g., languages, methods, and relevant co