Project Details
We seek highly motivated candidates to help us investigate the biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) using animal models of chronic disease. We are conducting pre-clinical studies exploring mechanism of action and safety in preparation for clinical trials.
We conduct research at the University and run a University-funded startup (Geminii, Inc.) which serves as our means of translating the science we do. We are a Howard Hughes laboratory located in MERF with funding from NIH, NSF & private foundations.

Position Details
 Dr. Sheffield is an accomplished physician-scientist and elected member of the National Academy of Medicine. He is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and former leader of the Human Genome Project. Dr. Sheffield's laboratory specializes in genetic, neuroscience and molecular mechanistic understandings of health and disease. Our laboratory has a strong interest in developing therapeutics for translation into humans. Current focus is on mechanisms/therapeutics for cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

GPA of 3.5+

Time Commitment
15+ hours per week

Start Date
Near future
Fall semester
Spring semester
Summer semester

Project Duration 
Ongoing or potential to be a continuous position

Volunteer (Optional 0-credit hour course for transcript recognition)

How to Apply
Email with CV/resume pasted as text into the body of the email.