Benefits to Involvement

ICRU encourages undergraduate students to participate in research and creative scholarship, as involvement enriches and rounds-out the educational experience. 
Cornelia in dome

This happens in a wide variety of ways.  The following benefits all come from participating in research and creative work:

  • Personal mentored relationships with University of Iowa faculty and research staff
  • Enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Academic and personal self-confidence
  • Improved communication skills
  • Experience desired by graduate schools and employers
  • Academic credit and transcript recognition
  • Better integration of coursework and real-life experience
  • Contributions to work that positively impacts the community locally and globally
  • Greater knowledge of academic interests and career paths

Many students have an extensive list of further opportunities and benefits gained from their involvement.  Want to hear more?  Look for ICRU students talking about their research experiences on YouTube, our Facebook page, and throughout the University of Iowa! 

Is this something that you want to try?  Find out the next step in "Things to Think About".