ICRU is working to build a positive mentoring culture within research on the University of Iowa campus.  The following resources are openly available to all mentors.  


Lori Adams at MURC

Things to Consider as an Undergraduate Mentor

  • CIMER's guide to outlining your expectations of researchers-in-training.

ICRU's Mentor/Mentee Agreement Form

CIMER's Mentor-Mentee Expectations Agreement (for Undergraduates)

Resources for Each Phase of the Mentoring Relationship

  • Guidance for all phases of the mentoring relationship, from selection to goal alignment to cultivating potential, for both the mentor and mentee.

How to Mentor Graduate Students: A Guide for Faculty

  • A short, 15 page guide put together by the University of Michigan about how to be a successful faculty mentor.  While written about graduate students, this document has useful information about serving as a student mentor at all levels. 

National Research Mentoring Network

  • Though primarily built around STEM fields, the NRMN offers mentor training and advice applicable to all disciplines.


Elise at MURC

Nature's Guide for Mentors

  • The Nature awards for creative mentoring in science were created on the premise that the mentorship of young researchers — although fully deserving of recognition — is perhaps the least remarked on of all the activities that take place in the lab. Indeed, there is no established definition of what constitutes good scientific mentoring. This article attempts to remedy that situation, drawing on the evidence from competitions for Nature's awards.

PURM: Perspectives on Undergradaute Research and Mentoring

  • PURM is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, online journal, unique in that it focuses on scholarship about undergraduate research and the mentoring of such research. Through this resource, you can read other faculty’s experiences, contribute to an online discussion, or publish your own perspectives.

Interactive Tutiorial - The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct

  • Consider completing this tutorial with students as part of the mentoring process to help familiarize them with research practice and ethics.

Adviser, Teacher, Role Model, Friend: On Being a Mentor to Students in Science and Engineering

  • Chapter 3 from - Handlesman, Jo et al. (2005) Entering Mentoring: A Seminar to Train a New Generation of Scientists. The Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching.

Benefits of Undergraduate Research Experiences

  • A short, two page report.​​​

Steps to a Successful Research Partnership

  • A short, bulleted list.

Writing Strong Letters of Recommendation

  • A good overview of the important pieces of a strong letter of recommendation. 

Sample formatting for Letters of Recommendation

  • This sample is for National Scholarships and Fellowships, but serves to be a good guide for letters of recommendation in general.