Wednesday, November 4, 2020


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Monday, November 9

10:00 am
Haley Losh - p53: A Biomarker in Ovarian Cancer" 
Jade MillerInhibition of the RAD52 DNA Repair Pathway in BRCA2-deficient Cancer Cells
Dane Tow, Jason Gao - The role of MTDH in alternative splicing regulation

12:00 am
Amanda Caraballo - Invesitgating the possible Novel Co-Factor in the C. glabrata Phosphate Regulation System 
Chelsea HigginsThe consequence of ploidy on regulatory elements

Jacob Kaufman - What's Old Is New Again: How Today's Vaping Marketing Borrows from Banned Tobacco Marketing Strategies of the Past
Brant WalkerRevisting the Impact of Ignition Interlock Devices
Kate Snodgrass - “I read one comment and put my Juul away. I read another and pick it up!”:  A Qualitative Analysis of Changes in E-cigarette Use Behaviors  During COVID-19 on Reddit

Cristina Garcia - NeuN Expression in Auditory Neurons: Defining Degeneration Susceptibility After Deafening
Brianna IversonNeurodegeneration in the absence of the nuclear protein, Akirin2

Tuesday, November 10

Marissa Mueller - Accelerometry Analysis Options Impact Physical Activity Measurement
Olivia PowersReliability and Validity of 3D Limb Scanning for Ankle Foot Orthosis Fitting

Dustin FykstraRole of LJA5 neurons in a pre-clinical model of chronic inflammatory pain
Ben HinzWalter the Fly: Modeling Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy in a Fruit Fly
Sydney WalkerHow did an Olympic Hurdler Escape Muscular Dystrophy?

Hend Al-Kaylani - Cognitive dysfunction and decline in juvenile-onset Huntington's Disease
Ethan Bennett  - Objective detection of functionally active sites in live-neuronal imaging
Kartik Sivakumar - Midbrain Dopamine Depletion Disrupts Interval Timing: Relevance for Parkinson's Disease

Wednesday, November 11

Amy Gottschalk - The Evolution of Microtubule Associate Proteins
Elias SchaefferNovel Variant Discovery with Matched Neuroendocrine Tumor and Normal Samples
Kamara ShawE-cigarette cessation on Reddit: How users discuss their cessation experience, social support, and recommendations to quit.
Hanxi TangFunctional significance of morphological change in neurons caused by voltage-gated sodium channel gene modifiers

Abbigail Denner, Hiatt Holman, Katarina NewcampIntroduction to the Intrastate Conflict Peace Negotiation Attempt Dataset 
Paige Pearson - Sexual Satisfaction & Entertainment Media as Sexual Socialization Agent
Hannah Zadeh - What to do with Structured Unstructuctured Data: Working with Emails from the Flint Water Crisis

Shalini Birari - Tracking the dissemination of Leishmania Infantum in mice 
Josh Peterson, Linhai Cheng - Are Very-Low-Calorie Diets Safe to Use with Patients Who Have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease? A Scoping Review
Annamarie Yamamoto - CaBP1 Represses Axonal Growth in DRGNs Through Gene Transcription Dependent Pathways

Thursday, November 12

Emily Carroll, Ryan Van DaeleElectrochemists Try Inorganic Synthesis: Metal(bpy)3 Complexes
Laura Weiler - How to machine learn the long-range interactions in metals 

Maria Martin - The Politics and Practices of Refugee Resettlement: Determining Factors for Resettlement Protocol 
Cheyenne McGuire - Global Sounds:  Ethnomusicology as a Cultural Bridge
Anastasia Scholze - Sounding Cinema

Madison Nastruz, Kai Vessey - Motorized Laparoscopy 
James Paulson - Effects of Inflow Velocity Profile and Rotational Accelerations on LEV Formation for a Revolving Wing
Salvatore QuaidMetrics, Geodesics, and Black Holes
Tyler Roth, Steve Tammes - Soft x-ray detection for small satellites with a commercial CMOS sensor

Friday, November 13

Zeya Han - Curvilinear Association Between Parental Control and Externalizing Problems in Early Childhood
Alexandra Loren - Maternal administration of P7C3-A20 corrects deficits in prenatally stressed offspring
Ashley Preston - Aggregating Behavior of Keratinocytes
Haley Wolf - Increasing Physical Activity in AYA Cancer Survivors Using an mHealth Intervention 

Zoe-Ella Anderson - Metformin and longevity
Pedro MarraSepsis detection through a bispectral electroencephalography device and its association with delirium
Eleanor Sullivan - Effects of Infection and Anti-inflammatory Agents on Dementia and Delirium

Michaela Inman - Pregnancy Pain Documentation in the EHR…Missing Link for Treatment
Sreelakha Kundu - Evaluating P7C3, a novel therapeutic compound, as an approach to reduce chronic stress induced oxidative stress in placenta and offspring brain 
Jacob Tinker - Health Behaviors Study for RRMS and CIS Patients Recruitment